There are so many leftover spaces in cities which are then use by people for solid waste dumping, crimes & drugs. The project was to identify those spots in your city, study those areas and then reshape those areas to be use for good purposes.


Students select multiple areas like around 15 in their city , did SWOT analysis , some case studies abroad like how other people are shaping their Urban Voids.


Design Phase:

  • After analysis of Sites , students started their work on developing their design concepts
  • Some students changed spaces under bridges to beautiful landscape areas for seating
  • Some students took roundabouts and design monuments on those sites etc.
  • Some selected over head water tanks and provided flats in it.


In Participatory design user is involved, the community for which a particular design required will be involved.

Rather than to sit in a studio designer make their user participant in all design process. The end product is an amalgamation of what client want and the architect making it more reliable and long lasting.

To exercise this 4th year students in Architecture department of CECOS University was given a task to solve the spatial problems of Nomads in Peshawar.

Site was selected in Peshawar city where there are more than hundred Nomads tribes living in unhealthy shelters resulting in diseases and many psychologic problems. The kids of Nomads do need playing spaces, the women do need a patch where they interact and discuss the issues.

The existing bathrooms are very un-hygienic resulting many problems where they are living as well.

The design brief includes to design shelter from such material which are low cost, easily available on site and can be assemble-dissemble easily according to their future needs.

In this exercise student research on different local materials especially that are recycled.

The essence of this project is to involve with the Nomads rather than design remotely.

The students made groups and worked on design on the site for some days. They discuss every line they drawn to the end user. The inspirations were derived from portable architecture & earth ship Biotecture. Rain water harvesting technique was incorporated. Toilet that are low cost and can be portable where ever in future they want.

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